The Law of Consciousness…Expressing Your Good,NOW !

The consciousness of God-within… your consciousness of Spirit, of God-in-you frees you of all so-called lack, want and limitation.

What good do you wish to be, to do and to have?

You can be it…you can do it and you can have it, right here and right now.
The truth is, you already have it.

Your good, the good that you seek awaits your acceptance for its expression.

The ” Now-ness of Consciousness ” brings demonstration, manifestation and expression into your experience

The Hebrew scriptures and other ancient writings records how those who had achieved a higher spiritual awareness knew and understood the Law of Consciousness. They used this knowledge to work miracles of perpetual supplies.
You have this power….you are the power.
This is your hour and there is power for your hour
This power is not outside of you, for nothing comes to us from without, everything comes from within.
When you work this Law of Consciousness, the Law of Consciousness will work for you, with you, through you to express your good NOW !
Your power to be, to do, to have…your power to WIN is WITHIN.


Reverend Rich

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