Negative Stinkin’ Thinkin’…


Any time you want to change anything in your experience, first change your MIND.

There is no other way to solve a problem.

There is no other way to change an experience except by changing of the MIND.

The first sermon ever preached in the Christian church was, ” REPENT !.”

Which means to  ” CHANGE YOUR MIND “,  ” TO THINK A NEW THOUGHT “,       ” TO THINK AGAIN.” and to ” THINK A NEW. “

It does not matter your religious persuasion, or your political views.

It matters not your RACE, your FACE, or your PLACE in life; humankind everywhere needs to rid its mind and free its consciousness of what Reverend Rich calls,                             ” NEGATIVE STINKIN’  THINKIN’

Negative stinkin’ thinkin’ are those erroneous concepts, ideas and beliefs that we been conditioned with from childhood, and what we have harbored, entertained and expressed such as:

” Nothing good ever happens to me or for me.”

” I am so unworthy and undeserving of any good thing.”

“I am unlucky…if it were not for bad luck I would have no luck.”

” I am of the wrong race…I don’t have the right face…I was born in the wrong place.”

” I will get my good some sweet day in the sweet bye-and-bye.”

Such  stinkin’ thinkin’ mentality has given birth to the following negative prayer:

” Oh, Lord, I know that I am so unworthy, and so underserving; and I know That I am not good enough to receive any good thing from you.”

Beloved, if this is how you pray then you can just forget it. If this is how you think, if this is how you believe, you are in fact predicting your own answer and future.

NOTHING GOOD and no good thing will ever come your way.

Such negative stinkin’ thinkin’ and prayin’ repels all  goodness from your experience.

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