Continuing from last blog…

Are you one of those who beg and plead to a God to change someone or something?  Reverend Rich brings you some good news you can use; there is no God in the sky or anywhere else that is going to change anything or anyone for you, so stop wasting your precious time praying, pleading, begging and        ” waiting on the Lord ” to change this or that. Warning…warning…tighten your seat belt for what I am about to say, ” GOD DOES NOT NEED TO CHANGE A DAMN THING FOR YOU…you just need to change your mind.”

The day of  ” begging / pleading prayers ” are over !

Reverend Rich realizes that this TRUTH is a ” hard pill ” for many to swallow, because from birth we have been conditioned by religion, family and culture to pray these ” begging and please-God ” kind of prayers.

While you are waiting on GOD to change things for you, GOD is waiting on you to get up off you ” BEHIND ” and change your  MIND.

Today, SPIRIT wants you to awaken to the NOWNESS of consciousness and begin EXPECTING and ACCEPTING as already done all of the good you wish to be, to do and to have. Until next time…



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