Taking Personal Responsibility

Every day I hear people every where tell their own future.
Undoubtedly, millions are unaware of this, so allow Reverend Rich to share this transformational truth principle :

” You are your own PROPHET…
You are your own PSYCHIC…You are your own FORTUNE TELLER…
You are your own and only VOODOO WORKER !”

Now that you know this truth, you can stop paying all your money to
” Madam Zeus ” and send it to Reverend Rich…ha…ha
The fact that you believe, think and say,” Nothing Good Ever Comes To Me…”
” I’m so unlucky…”
” I am cursed…”
” I’m of the wrong race…don’t have the right face…
am not in the right place…”

Such negative self-perception and self-depreciating thoughts, beliefs and speaking are what’s “working” against you.
If there is ” anything ” or, ” anyone ” who is ” working voodoo “, ” whodoo “,
or, any other ” doo ” against you, it is YOU !
Through your negative ” stinkin’ thinkin’, you alone are your own and only ” voodoo-worker”,
” fortune teller “, ” prophet ” or, ” psychic “.This is such a power-filled and  liberating truth, Reverend Rich must reiterate, If there is ” someone ” or, ” something ” hindering, or holding you back from experiencing and expressing your good, it is not another, or anything else but YOU.
It is your erroneous, pre-conditioned false belief, ideas and thoughts which you speak, which you harbor, and entertain constantly and continually.

James Allen, revealed in his classic book,                                     

” The aphorism, ” As A Man Thinketh In His Heart So Is He ”
not only embraces the whole of man’s being, but is so comprehensive
as to reach out to every condition and circumstances of his life.
A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.”

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1 Response to Taking Personal Responsibility

  1. Let the church say “Amen”. I have believed this for such a long time. When I hear people say “the devil made me do it” I just want to tell them to stop giving this devil so much power and so much credit for doing all of this. It’s not the devil, it “you” your thinking, your actions and your own beliefs that lead to the conditions of your life be it good or bad, we create what happens to us. Thank you for sharing

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