” Surely as I have thought,
so shall it come to pass;
and as I have purposed,
so shall it come to pass.” …Isaiah 24:1
The only thing we are, or ever will encounter,
experience and express are the thoughts in our mind.The thoughts in your mind always have their reaction in and through your experience, be they good bad or indifferent,
be they positive or negative, success or failure,
prosperity or poverty,
sickness or good health,
heaven or hell.All of us are only and always being, doing and having
that which we believe,
that which we think,
that which we feel,
that which we see,
and that which we say.

The Master Teacher, Jesus The Christ expressed it best :

“…As thou hast believes,so be it done unto thee.”

“…According to your faith be it unto you.”

“…If thou canst believe all things are possible
to him that believeth.”

Many marvelous miracles have been and are continuing through this divine spiritual law.

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