…Ah, It’s Your Move .

” SPIRIT is LIFE, SPIRIT has given life to be ENJOYED…ABUNDANTLY !”EVERY day, and in EVERY way…you and I should be expressing and ENJOYING LIFE.Unfortunately, due to many  ” Blessings Blockages ”  namely:  Guilt, Unforgiveness, Resentment, Animosity, Remorse, Regrets and countless  ” shoulda’, woulda’, coulda’ ” multitude are unable to experience this LIFE. This is your moment to give and forgive. The first person you must forgive is YOU…YOURSELF !   Only through self-forgiveness can we truly forgive others and be free to ENJOY LIFE !GOD FORGIVES.                                              THE INFINITE FORGIVE YOU…TOTALLY, WHOLLY and UNCONDITIONALLY.                                                                                   SPIRIT FORGIVES YOU THROUGH YOU !   THE INFINITE FORGIVES ALL THROUGH YOU.…ah, it’s your move. ”

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