Just A Gentle Reminder That :

” God Is Not Mad At You,Nor Are You Being Punished,
The Truth Is, You Are Punishing Yourself by Believing, by Thinking and by Saying,


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Expect Your Harvest…

When what you have in your hands does not meet your NEED release it in faith as a SEED and prepare, expect your harvest !

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“…be sure the words you speak are sweet…in case you have to eat them, ha , ha…seriously.

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…Ah, It’s Your Move .

” SPIRIT is LIFE, SPIRIT has given life to be ENJOYED…ABUNDANTLY !”EVERY day, and in EVERY way…you and I should be expressing and ENJOYING LIFE.Unfortunately, due to many  ” Blessings Blockages ”  namely:  Guilt, Unforgiveness, Resentment, Animosity, Remorse, Regrets and countless  ” shoulda’, woulda’, coulda’ ” multitude are unable to experience this LIFE. This is your moment to give and forgive. The first person you must forgive is YOU…YOURSELF !   Only through self-forgiveness can we truly forgive others and be free to ENJOY LIFE !GOD FORGIVES.                                              THE INFINITE FORGIVE YOU…TOTALLY, WHOLLY and UNCONDITIONALLY.                                                                                   SPIRIT FORGIVES YOU THROUGH YOU !   THE INFINITE FORGIVES ALL THROUGH YOU.…ah, it’s your move. ”

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Divine DNA

Divinity is your DNA.
You are created by Divinity.
Out of Divinity you came,
Therefore, DIVINE you are.Humankind’s greatest discovery is the
recognition and realization of our true
Spiritual Divinity Identification.
This is the TRUTH that the Master Jesus,
The Christ said:  Makes you FREE.”

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Rev. Ike and Reverend RICH’S Truth Sayings….

” ANYTHING that you can honestly think and feel that you are worthy of and deserving of must come to you!” -REV. IKE

” One reason most don’t have what they say they want is because they feel  ” Soo Unworthy and Soo Undeserving !”

Before you can  BE it, DO IT or HAVE it, you must get your MIND right.

When we get our MIND right, the BEHIND will follow ! “– Reverend RICH

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You Deserve The Best

…and  W E L C O M E !You Beautiful Divine Beings To Your,
           **** R I C H W E D D I N G  *****
” You Chose The Right Mate,
Now Choose The Right Minister,

             REVEREND  RICH L. KEMP,
               …Off Course
                    For A Wedding Ceremony As Special
As The Two Of You ! ”

Contact : Reverend Rich  @
Tel. (1) 877-789-RICH / 702-577-6777
West Palm Beach and all of Florida
…Because you deserve the BEST !
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