You Beautiful Divine Being…

WELCOME  To….RichGatherings Int’l

With International Transformational Teacher and Empowerment Specialist,

Where: The Fairfield Inn

RichGatherings  is an exciting, electrifying,
enriching, and enlightening spiritual community of
positive possibilities and progressive-minded from
all walks of life. This is a place for those
pursuing personal spirituality and enlightenment.

Our Mission is to positively present and
re-present the Infinite,
All-Inclusive, Unconditional, Over-Flowing and
Ever-Flowing Love of God…Spirit, to all, for all, in all, through all,
and in all… everywhere.
RichGatherings is NOT a church,
denomination or religion.
There is NO membership to join…
NO mandatory giving…
NO guilt trip…WOW !
Complimentary snack and refreshment will be

served..See you there, RichBlessings,– Reverend Rich

RSVP @ tel. 702-577-6777 / email:




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